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Data Acquisition System with SD card

Data Acquisition System with SD card
Nvis 633SD

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Product Description

Nvis 633SD DAQ device endowed with true high quality measurement, its ability of logging data in micro SD Card makes it favorable for user to examine intimately all the measurement using our PC software at any time. This device comes with 4 GB micro SD card which is having storage facility of logging data up to 2 year. For easy connections, screw terminals are provided. It also incorporated real time display functionality over LCD and 7 Segment intended for easy view.

Product Features

  • 8 Single ended analog inputs
  • Up to 76.9KSPS speed
  • Built in signal conditioning
  • Micro SD card (4GB) storage capacity
  • Logging capacity of 2Year
  • In-built RTC with CMOS battery backup
  • LED and LCD display
  • Can be interfaced with PC directly
  • Graph view: Second/Minute/Hours/Day
  • Auto insert data from SD card
  • Globally availability of data or graph (through My SQL)

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