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Industrial Timer

Product Description

Nvis 611 Industrial Timer can be constructed using discrete components including up/down counters and timers with alarm. Its provides facilities like setting the count, start, stop, reset, display with Timer & alarm.

Nvis 611 are used in industries to control the operation with specified time interval of repetitive nature. It is basically real time clock at predetermined specified time intervals. Which are diversely used in hardcore industrial and commercial applications.

Product Features

  •  Clear LCD Display
  •  Easy 3-Button operation
  •  Use as a Delay Timer up to 59 minute
  •  Power Supply 230VAC, 50Hz
  •  Isolated 5,12VDC
  •  Built In Real Clock Time
  •  100% Time Accuracy
  •  2- Operating Modes
    •  a. Timer Mode
    •  b. Alarm Mode

Scope of Learning


Domestic level:

  • To control water pump with Nvis 611 to save water as well as electric bill

  • To operate water heater, room heater with Nvis 611

Industrial level:

  • To operate 110-230volt AC industrial motor work operation with Nvis 611

  • Educational platform like Flow rate measurement, liquid level measurement with Nvis 611

  • To operate industrial blower & air conditioner with Nvis 611

  • Industrial machine operation to their time control with Nvis 611 

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