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Handy Linear IC Tester

Handy Linear IC Tester
Nvis 9351T

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Product Features

  • Tests a wide range of Analog Ic’s such as ADC, DAC, Opamp, 555, Transistor Arrays, Analog Switches, Waveform Generator, Line Drivers, Voltages Regulators, PLL’s, VCO, PWM Generator, Sample & Hold, Voltages References, Opto couplers, Comparators, Voltages Followers and Others
  •  Test by: Truth table/sequence table comparison
  •  ZIF: 40 pin DIP ZIF sockets
  •  Keys: 50 cherry keys Key pad with numerical & functional keys
  •  Display: 16x2 Backlit LCD Display
  •  Supply Input Voltage: 230V AC

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