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70MHz WideScreen Digital Storage Oscilloscope

70MHz WideScreen Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Nvis 402

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Product Description

Nvis 402 Digital Storage Oscilloscope is the new mainstream 70MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope to meet the educational and
industry customer's applications with its innovative technology, unique specifications, powerful trigger functions, wide auto
measurement functions, wide memory depth and broad analysis capabilities.

The Nvis 402 is unique and useful for a variety of applications including Industrial Design, Trouble Shooting, Maintenance,
Manufacturing, Testing, Quality Control, Education and Training.

Product Features

Bandwidth 70MHz

Real-time Sampling Rate 1GSa/s, Equivalent Sampling Rate

Memory Depth: 2Mpts

Trigger types: Edge, Pulse width, Video, Slope, Alternative

Unique Digital Filter Function and Waveform Recorder

Support pass/fail function.

32 parameters auto measure function

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