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Solar Water Pump

Product Description

Nvis 453 Solar Water Pump is designed to provide a high quality, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for irrigation. This product works completely independent of the grid or any other fossil fuel and makes irrigation possible at remote places which are difficult to tie to a grid.


The Pump uses the latest IGBT based Variable Frequency Drive which is highly reliable and doesn’t need any maintenance for years altogether. The MPPT technology used in our product ensures nonstop irrigation in all weather conditions. When there isn’t enough Solar Energy, the grid can also be used to run the motor. The grid mode allows flow rate adjustment as well.


Nvis 453 includes Solar Panels and a DC Drive. The Water Pump is available at an extra cost.  The system contains all the necessary protections including dry run protection to operate continuously.




  • Irrigation
  • Industrial Application 
  • Hotels
  • Farms
  • Rural Water Supply
  • Gardens


Product Features

  • Ideal for remote areas where grid supply is not available
  • Digital Signal Processing based technology
  • Soft start of motor pump to increase its life
  • Works on solar & grid
  • Compatible with mono block and submersible pumps
  • Suitable for day time irrigation
  • Suitable for 1, 3 and 5 HP three phase pumps
  • MPPT Technology
  • Adjustable water flow in grid mode
  • Equipped with all necessary protections
  • Environment friendly

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