Experimentation with Diodes

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Experimentation with Diodes
Nvis 6501

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The Nvis 6501 Experimentation with Diodes very useful for basic Electronic Laboratories. This is useful for students to plot different characteristics of diode in all different type of configurations and to understand various region of operation of diode. This is a stand alone unit with inbuilt DC power supply and inbuilt Voltmeter and Ammeter. This is a complete system to study the diode characteristics. It is designed such that student can easily plot the forward and reverse characteristics of different Diode.

  • A complete system to study the diode characteristics
  • Forward and reverse characteristics experiment can be performed on this trainer kit
  • Silicon, Zener and Light Emitting Diode (LED) are provided with this system
  • Inbuilt Ammeter and Voltmeter are provided
  • Digital display for displaying voltage and current
  • Different test points are provided
  • Online product tutorial
  • 2 Years warranty

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