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1KVA Solar Inverter

1KVA Solar Inverter
Nvis 436T

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Product Description

Nvis 436T is a 1kVA Solar Inverter which is a fully integrated system. This gives you the option of charging the battery bank either through a solar input or from the mains supply. The MPPT charger continuously monitors the battery voltage & solar power output. It can be used for domestic, rural and industrial applications.

Product Features

  • A Low input current distortion level with high efficiency
  • Advanced network and mobile connectivity
  • The solutions have active/passive harmonic filter at the UPS input
  • Have an active input power factor correction
  • Have got a built-in galvanic isolation transformer for reducing the common mode noise
  • IGBT based design for reduced power consumption
  • Hot standby and load sharing mode for 24 x 7 operation

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