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Carrier Lifetime Measurement System

Carrier Lifetime Measurement System

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Product Description

SL-110 Carrier Lifetime Measurement System is used to measure the minority carrier lifetime in a solar cell by using Open Circuit voltage Decay (OCVD) method and Reverse Recovery Transient (RRT) method. This is a unique system which consists of an inbuilt square wave generator (used for RRT method), a solar cell, LED (flash/light source), and an optional connectivity to PC (via USB).

Product Features

  • Built-in AC square wave generator required for RRT method.
  • LCD (16x2) display for indications.
  • USB connectivity to acquire values of V_oc in OCVD method to PC for analysis.
  • BNC cables & connectors for noise free signal output.

Scope of Learning

  • To measure the open circuit voltage decay of a crystalline silicon solar cell.

  • To measure the reverse recovery transient of the solar cell.

  • To calculate the lifetime of the solar cell by the two methods.

  • To understand the concept of lifetime in solar cells.

  • To understand the relation between open circuit voltage decay and lifetime in a solar cells.

  • To understand the reverse current generated cell due to minority carriers and storage time of carriers in solar cells.

  • Ability to measure and calculate the lifetime of carriers in solar cells.

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