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DC-DC & DC-AC Converter Setup

DC-DC & DC-AC Converter Setup

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Product Description

A DC-DC converter is placed between the solar panel and the battery in order to step up/down the voltage of solar panel. It also saves the battery from damage. This setup gives the idea about the different voltage rating applications in the system.

This setup gives the idea about

  • Different converters i.e. DC-DC step up, DC-DC step down and DC-AC converter(inverter) used in the system and their role.
  • Effect of series and parallel combination of the panels.

Product Features

  • A wide range of DC voltage level conversions are possible with this setup. DC to DC (24, 48,96V for step up & 6, 12,24V for step down) and DC to AC voltage (230V single phase)
  • Plug and Play feature to analyze the converter efficiency
  • PV modules along with micro-inverter for DC to AC conversion
  • Integrated structure design provided with easy manual tracking arrangement.

Scope of Learning

  • To convert and observe various DC voltages 17.5, 35, 70 V to 24, 48 & 96 V respectively using DC step up converters

  • To convert and observe various DC voltages 17.5, 35, 70 V to 6, 12, 24 V respectively using DC step-down converters

  • To convert various DC voltages to 230 V single phase AC

  • To analyze the efficiency of step up and step down converter and DC to AC converter at different power

  • To understand the operation of micro inverter

  • To study the effect of single axis tracking on power produced by the PV modules

  • Study the variation in output with series and parallel configurations of solar panel

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