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Ferro Fluid Demonstrator

Ferro Fluid Demonstrator
Nvis 4502

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Product Description

Nvis 4502 Ferro Fluid Demonstrator shows how magnetic properties can exist in fluid state. Normally, a liquid is not expected to exhibit any magnetic property.
However, when nanoparticles of a magnetic material are dispersed in a liquid, magnetic properties can be exhibited. The nanoparticles so dispersed are not visible
to our eyes. The magnetic fluid is known as Ferro fluid. This is a colloidal suspension of magnetic nanoparticles. Ferro fluids have the captivating property of
exhibiting �spikes� when placed in the proximity of a strong magnet. The aim of the experiment is to demonstrate the novel properties in the material using

Product Features

  •  A comparison between the Bulk and Nano size Iron Particles
  •  Provided with Strong Magnet
  •  Provided with Iron filing for Comparison
  •  Accessories are provided in a Carrying Case
  •  Learning material CD

Scope of Learning

  • To study the comparison between the bulk and nano size iron particles in liquid

  • To study the occurrence of spikes in Ferro fluid

  • To Study drug delivery system using Ferro Fluid


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