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PV Integration System

PV Integration System

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Product Description

The solar PV modules are connected in series or parallel to meet the power requirement. Also sun tracking is necessary to get maximum output from the solar array.

This set up gives idea about the PV system design and installation

This set up gives idea about

  • Series and Parallel Combination.
  • Effect of sun tracking at different angle of inclination.
  • To study effect of ‘sun tracking’ on open circuit voltage and short circuit current of PV array.

Product Features

  • Integrated structure design provided with easy manual tracking arrangement
  • Simple compact design along with easy assembly and disassembly to provide a better understanding of the system installation

Scope of Learning

  • Measurement of current-voltage characteristics of modules by varying load
  • Analyze the IV characteristics at different series or parallel combinations
  • Study the changes in short circuit current and open circuit voltage with  different Atmospheric condition
  • Study the changes in efficiency with different Atmospheric condition
  • Study the change in module power with change in tilt

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