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PV Module Technologies Training System

PV Module Technologies Training System

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Product Description

PV modules are used in PV system for generating electricity. PV modules are available in range of power ratings that vary from small 2 Wp modules to up to 300 Wp modules. Also, these modules are made from different types of materials. The ‘PV Module Technologies System’ gives you an insight about the different type of modules.  System consists of three different type of PV modules, arranged in such a way that angle of the array can be easily changed and various connections can be made with the reference of the sun rays.

This set up gives an idea about the I-V curve characteristics of a PV module which depend on the following

  • Series and parallel combination
  • Different tilt a
  • To identify the modules and technology used in PV modules

Product Features

  • Capability of understanding the characteristics of different type of modules
  • Capability of understanding the series and parallel connections of the PV system
  • Appropriate simple design in a compact form to provide a better understanding of the system installation
  • MC4 compatible arrangement for efficient analysis of input and output parameters
  • Capability of easy assembly and disassembly for system portability if required
  • Arrangement to make an array using PV modules with series as well as parallel connection as per need of the experiment

Scope of Learning

  • Measurement of current-voltage characteristics of Modules by varying load.
  • Analyze the IV characteristics at different series/parallel combinations.
  • Study and compare the characteristics of different modules.
  • Short circuit current with illumination.
  • Open circuit voltage with illumination
  • Efficiency with  illumination.
  • Module power with change in tilt and find out the optimum tilt by manual tracking.

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