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Solar PV Efficiency Measurement System

Solar PV Efficiency Measurement System

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Product Description

Standalone solar PV systems use solar PV panels to generate electricity and use storage medium like battery to supply the power to the load (through inverter) when there is no sunshine. A typical system includes solar PV modules, battery, inverter, charge controller and load. It is also important to know the efficiency of such PV systems. In short, the objective of this experiment is to assemble a standalone PV system and estimate its efficiency This system gives you an idea about.

  • To assemble a standalone solar PV system.
  • To identify ratings of the equipments used in standalone solar PV system, line solar PV modules, battery, inverter and load.
  • To understand the efficiency analysis of the stand alone system.

Product Features

  • To estimate the energy falling on solar PV modules.
  • To estimate the energy generated by solar PV modules.
  • To know the time required to discharge the battery of the PV system through inverter with different ratings of loads.
  • To calculate the energy consumed by the load in the PV system

Scope of Learning

  • Understand the design of a standalone solar PV system.
  • Identify and specify various components used in a standalone solar PV system.
  • Measure the energy generation and consumption in the PV system.
  • Measure the charge stored in a battery.
  • Estimate the energy taken out of a battery for a given time period.
  • Connect various loads to the inverter and measure the energy dissipated during certain time period.
  • Find out the efficiency of standalone solar PV system.

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