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Solar PV Tracking System

Solar PV Tracking System

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Product Description

The output of a solar panel array changes with the position of the sun. This setup helps to study and understand the tracking techniques and mechanisms Hence the angle of inclination of the solar panel array determines the output and plays an important role.

This setup is used to understand the effect of the following things:

  • Effect of inclination angle on PV module with Series and parallel combination.
  • Software arrangement to develop IV Curve automatically.
  • Change in inclination angle and calculate the input and output power to get efficiency at every angle.

Product Features

  • Integrated automatic dual axis tracking mechanism to  simulate the various conditions
  • Software is interactive to the hardware to track the position of PV array
  • Integrated automatic dual axis tracking mechanism to simulate the various conditions necessary as per need of the experiment
  • Provided two selector switches for instant measurement of Voc and Isc

Scope of Learning

  • Measurement of IV characteristics of the module
  • Measurement of current-voltage characteristics of Modules by varying load
  • Analyze the IV characteristics at different series/ parallel combinations
  • Analyze the change of power at different orientation of modules to find the optimum tilt for a fixed collector
  • Analysis in the change of power at different orientation angles of modules in the direction of sun’s movement to analyze the inter aday variation
  • Analyze the change in efficiency of modules at different incidentangles

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