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Solar Simulator

Product Description

The I-V (current-voltage) curve of a PV module describes its energy conversion capability at the existing conditions of the light intensity level and ambient temperature.
This set up gives an idea about the I-V curve characteristics of a PV module which depend on the following

  • Series and parallel combination
  • Different light intensity level
  • Temperature level
  • Dark condition of PV module

Product Features

  • Appropriate simple assembly design to provide control conditions (temperature, light intensity) in a chamber
  • Four quadrant rheostat to understand the dark characteristics of the Solar Cells
  • Proper arrangement for efficient analysis of input and output parameters
  • Light Intensity and temperature adjustment feature to simulate the conditions as per the requirement
  • Inbuilt Solar IV Tracer for automatic graphical representation

Scope of Learning

  • Measurement of current-voltage characteristics of crystalline silicon solar cell

  • Analyze the IV characteristics at different series/parallel combinations

  • Measuring the parameters of a solar PV module under controlled luminary (change in illumination levels)

  • Analyze the behaviour of solar modules under different temperature levels

  • Measurement of dark IV characteristics of the modules

  • Measurement of IV characteristics at constant load with change in illumination to analyze the deviation of operating points from maximum power point

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