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Solar Water Pumping & Solar Power Pack

Solar Water Pumping & Solar Power Pack

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Product Description

Solar powered pumps have the output of flow rate and water pressure varying depending on different conditions of the PV module. This setup helps to analyze the performance of different pumps at different parameters

This set up is used to drive AC and DC water pumps depending on different conditions of PV module.

  • Effect of Series and parallel combination on the flow rate and pressure of water at different voltage levels.
  • To calculate efficiency of-
  1. DC-AC pump by measuring input power and flow rate at output and compare which is better.
  2. VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and DC pump by changing the inclination angle.
  3. To study the frequency of VFD at different inclination angle.

Product Features

  • System with dual capability for training as well as supply power for applications.
  • Designed to operate pump with DC pump  controller, VFD and inverter in 3 different modes and perform output analysis.
  • System has an off-grid inverter to be able to run a load of 1000W when pumps are not in operations.
  • Provide 1 hp 3 phase AC surface mounted pump and 1 hp DC surface mounted pump.

Scope of Learning

  • Study of PV water pumping system efficiency for DC pump and AC pump
  • Analysis of PV power back with battery backup
  • To vary the inclination angle of solar panel to various levels and
  • Analyze the frequency change of VFD
  • Power generation of solar panel in order to find an optimal tilt for fixed collector
  • Analyze the efficiency of VFD and DC controller for change in input power
  • Measure the water flow at different input of power.

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