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Applied Mechanics Lab

Applied Mechanics Lab
Nvis 8000

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Product Description

Nvis 8000 Applied Mechanics Lab helps to learn the fundamentals of Applied Mechanics in very simple ways. Nvis 8000 helps to learn the nature of forces, different laws, and theorems of forces such as Triangle Law, Parallelogram Law, Polygon Law of forces, Hook's Law, Lami's Theorem, etc. It also includes the study concepts of Simple Harmonic Motion, Inclined Plane and Sliding Friction.

Nvis 8000 is provided with a high-quality stainless steel board with an arrangement of a magnetic assembly of many mechanics experiments.

Nvis 8000, Applied Mechanics Lab is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development among our young minds.

Product Features

  • Magnetic attachment of accessories
  • High quality rust-proof stainless steel Board
  • Wall Mounting Arrangement
  • Simple Representation of Concept
  • Simulation Software (optional)
  • Learning material CD

Scope of Learning

  • Study and verification of Hook’s Law

  • Study of Adding Forces, Resultant and Equilibrants

  • Study of Resolving Forces

  • Study of Simple Harmonic Motion using mass on a spring

  • Study of Simple Harmonic Motion using the pendulum

  • Study & verification of the Lami's Theorem

  • Study & verification of Triangle Law of Forces and Parallelogram Law of Forces

  • To verify the Polygon Law of Forces

  • Study of Sliding Friction

  • Study the forces applied on an Inclined Plane

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