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Introductory Nano Kit

Introductory Nano Kit
Nvis 4500

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Product Description

Nvis 4500 Introductory Nano Kit is a fundamental kit designed to provide an understanding of the basic concepts of Nanotechnology right from the scaling to the characteristics at Nano level.

Nanoscale Science, Engineering, and Technology are fields of research in which scientists and engineers are manipulating matter at the Atomic and Molecular level in order to obtain materials and systems with significantly improved properties. In this kit we are explaining about atomic arrangement in any material. and also learn how atomic arrangement changes the properties of material.

Product Features

  •  Easy to comprehend
  •  Laser pointer is provided for clear vision of Diffraction Pattern
  •  Diffraction Slide with different types of pattern is provided
  •  Shape Memory Alloy demonstration
  •  Scanning Probe Microscope concept demonstration
  •  Learning material CD

Scope of Learning

  • Understanding scaling of Nanotechnology

  • Demonstration of arrangement of atoms in material using Diffraction Patterns

  • Demonstration of concept of Scanning Probe Microscope using Magnetic Strip

  • Demonstration of the change in atomic arrangement in Shape Memory Alloy

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