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Nano TiO<sub>2</sub> Solar Cell Kit

Nano TiO2 Solar Cell Kit
Nvis 4501

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Product Description

Nvis 4501 Nano TiO Solar Cell 2 Kit is a Nanotechnology based kit. This Kit explains how Nanotechnology helps in the field of energy and also reveals energy conversion principles that can be integrated with mainstream topics in physics, chemistry and biology courses.

It deals with thermodynamics of energy conversion and technology`s impact on society. The hands-on approach of the kit enables students to make their own Solar Cell and to study its performance.

Product Features

  •  A complete solution to prepare a Nano TiO2 Solar Cell
  •  Provided with Transparent Conducting Glass Plates
  •  Provided with Digital Multimeter
  •  Provided with Light Source
  •  Accessories are provided in a Carrying Case
  •  Learning material CD

Scope of Learning

  • Preparation of Nano TiO Solar Cell 

  • Study of Solar Cell in presence of sunlight

  • Study of Solar Cell by using Halogen Lamp

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