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Offline UPS System

Offline UPS System
Offline UPS System

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Product Description

Nvis range of UPS system has been designed to provide continuous, highly stable and clean AC power for vital AC loads.

Nvis UPS comprises of charger, battery bank(optional), static inverter and transfer switch. The Charger converts commercial AC power to precise DC power and supplies to the Static Inverter & maintains the battery in a fully charged condition, The Static Inverter converts the DC Voltage to a very precise AC Voltage which is supplied to load via transfer switch. In the event of commercial AC power failure, the Inverter continues to supply power to the load without interruption, drawing power from Battery.

Product Features

  • Combination of Load like Computer, Fan, Tubelight, CFL can be connected
  • Support Switchover Time for Computers in UPS mode only
  • Reserve Battery Protected with Indication
  • Automatic overload Management System
  • Battery Level Status Provided
  • Short Circuit relay protected

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