Robotics in school education

An effort to kindle creativity & curiosity in young minds

Robots have always fascinated and even scared!!! the children through movies like Star Wars, Terminators & Transformers, its presence elsewhere in the surroundings like malls & restaurants and are even available as toys.  Robots easily attract the attention of these children which otherwise is hard to achieve when it comes to educating them. So, incorporating Robotics as a subject in school curriculum would aware them about this technology and would aid in the study of STEM subjects making their education fun and effective.

Robotics is a combination of curiosity, creative thinking, problem-solving and computer programming which at an advanced level goes on to absorb machine learning and artificial intelligence too. Robots are designed and operated according to the principles of physics and mechanics. So there are endless possibilities of learning and exploration.

Goals of experiential learning are accomplished with hands-on projects on robotics as it covers STEM subjects thoroughly leading to better understanding. For example, students get to practically come across the motors used in robot’s movement which they study in Physics. Robots like humans are equipped with sensors to calculate their surrounding condition in order to take decisions. These sensors work on basic principles of physics and electronics engineering. So, a whole new world of sensor studies could be explored and could even lead to students developing self-designed sensors.

NVIS 3302ARD RoboCar

What could be more appealing than this for teachers and parents??

Robotics holds an immense scope in future technology market. Equipping students with the necessary skills right from the school age could prepare them to be future-proof. Robotics as a career is a promising option and studies suggest that Robotics Experts would be in greater demand in the upcoming decade as compared to what seems to be a lucrative career in the current scenario.

Although abundantly appearing, the concept of robotics even now seems to be a futuristic technology. This showcases a gap between its awareness and the so-called technological beings i.e. us!! So, the robotics education in schools would bridge this gap.

Nvis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been working on Robotics from quite long. Our extensive range of products under the robotics domain allows learning and exploration right from the basic concepts to an advanced level of understanding. These products are indigenously designed and developed to solve the purpose of Robotics education and awareness among school and college students. These products are easy to understand and come with extensive learning material and are user-friendly.

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