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CAN Bus (LIN Bus) Communication Principle 
Training System

CAN Bus (LIN Bus) Communication Principle Training System
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Product Description

Automobile CAN bus (LIN bus) communication principle training System is suitable for both automotive teaching and observation of signal waveforms, so as to have a general understanding of the CAN bus communication principle, and to learn about high-speed CAN, low-speed CAN, CAN high level, and CAN low level. The CAN data bus data is parsed by the J1939 protocol, and the ID value and the message content are read. It is helpful in the field of vehicle maintenance and CAN data bus teaching. This system is mainly used in the teaching field of automotive electronic communication.

User can study about operation functions of normal central control door, electric window, and window electric folding rearview mirror - opening and closing control of inner interlock. lifting and lowering control of window glass, main control window lifting lock. up, down, left and right adjustment of the electric folding rearview mirror, folding and opening control, heating, pedaling light illumination, and steering warning indicator control.

Product Features

  • Flexibility to set detection terminals with different signal cables of each control unit and function module. Observe the comfortable CAN with the dual-channel 200M oscilloscope, and diagnose the CAN two types of signals to send and receive data waveforms.
  • Perform CAN high and CAN low waveform comparison
  • Through the OBDII diagnostic interface, the car decoder can read the data stream and the fault code, and can clear the fault code.
  • Observe the LIN bus single-wire transceiver data waveform with an oscilloscope, and have a preliminary impression on the LIN bus communication.

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