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Power Battery Pack Training System

Power Battery Pack Training System
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It adopts the lithium iron phosphate power battery pack. It has 23 units of single batteries, each one 3.2V 50AH, total capacity 73.6V 50AH (3.7 kilowatt-hour) and has integrated BMS Battery Management System. It truly demonstrates the connection and control relationship, the installation position and operating parameters among the core components of lithium iron phosphate power battery pack, and safety precautions for high voltage system. It develops students' fault analysis and process ability for lithium iron phosphate power battery pack. Real and operable power battery pack charging and discharging assembly for electric car. It demonstrates the composition and logical control relationship of major components. All major components are mounted on the training bench, electrical connection method is same as original vehicle and easy to disassemble. Students can learn the assembly&disassembly points and safety protection when assemble & disassemble wires. It provided with courseware to introduce the function and pin definition of major components. Connection wires has QR code, use scanner gun to scan them and the display screen will show the assemble&disassemble method and precautions of each connection wires. BMS Battery Management System is installed on the training panel. The logical control relationship of voltage acquisition wire, temperature acquisition wire, relay control wire, hall current sensor acquisition line are marked. BMS Battery Management System has passive balance function, 6-way switch control for protection (break line, short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature). It communicates with charger by CAN, control the charger to work and estimate SOC (State of charge), etc. 7-inch power battery pack display screen is installed on the training panel, it can show the battery information during charging and discharging. By intelligent switch, the control logic of charging and discharging process can be showed on display screen. The training bench is installed with a discharging module to simulate the vehicle energy consumption, the magnitude of discharging current can be selected. The power battery pack is equipped with maintenance switch. Disconnected the maintenance switch, then the top cover of power battery pack can be opened. The power battery pack is translucence design and installed with LED lights, it’s better for students to look the battery structure. The training bench is installed with 12V grounding mechanical switch, disconnect the 12V grounding to cut off system power. The power battery pack output wire has equipped with emergency switch to cutoff power for emergency conditions. The training panel has painted with working principle diagram about power battery pack and installed with detection terminals. Students use multimeter and oscilloscope to measure data at different states. The training bench is installed with four lockable casters, it ensures that the training bench is moveable and can be fixed. It equipped with intelligent fault setting and assessment system. Teacher set faults, then students check and find faults. It’s helpful for students to improve the troubleshooting ability. It includes not less than 12 faults.

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