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Solar and Electrical Vehicle Training System

Solar and Electrical Vehicle Training System
Nvis 438S

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Product Description

Nvis 438S Solar and Electric Vehicle Training System is an ideal platform to enhance the knowledge about Electric Vehicles (EV). This product is useful in all Electrical and Electric Vehicle laboratories to provide comprehensive leaning of concepts and functioning of two wheeler based Electric Vehicles.


It is designed in such a way that-students can explore about different sections of two wheeler EV and can operate it to learn its functioning. This is useful for understanding the trouble shooting of EV also.


With the fast growth of the global economy, energy supply and demand have a strong impact on social, economic, and environmental aspects. Solar energy is among the most efficient solutions proposed towards the clean energy production. Green Solar Technologies is a pioneer in the clean energy revolution and one of the most significant renewable and green energy sources. No such harmful gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when you
use solar panels to create electricity.


Nvis 438S is also includes the solar power generation training system which demonstrate the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy and explained in best possible way about how that converted electrical energy has to be utilized to operate EV and study complete demonstration of EV and Solar PV Technology.

Product Features

  • A unique system for electricity generation and learning
  • A complete solution for learning solar photovoltaic system
  • Provided with meters for analysis of parameters
  • Provided with all safety protections
  • Connector sheathed shock proof type.
  • DC voltmeter and DC ammeter
  • Multi function meter
  • BS10 type for safety purpose

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