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Three Phase VVVF Drive Training System

Three Phase VVVF Drive Training System
Nvis 7006S

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Product Description

Nvis 7006S Three Phase VVVF Drive Training System is an adaptable training system for electrical laboratories. VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) drives are extensively used in industry due to low energy costs, good performance, and reduced damage to the equipment. Their use has been spurred on by advances in key components such as IGBTs. VVVF Drive provide speed and torque control by varying voltage and frequency to AC motors.

Nvis 7006S provides comprehensive learning of concepts and functioning of a VVVF Drive to control a three phase squirrel cage induction motor through experiments such as running and reversing, no-load test, load test, speed control using VVVF technique in an open loop condition, etc.

Product Features

  • Machine with mechanical loading arrangement
  • Includes digital tachometer
  • High grade FRP material enclosure.
  • Heavy duty base and channel
  • Brake-Drum Pulley with heat suppression facility
  • Equipped with supply indication lamps

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