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Digital Data Acquisitions

Digital Data Acquisitions
Nvis 631 and Nvis 631i

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Product Description

Nvis 631 and Nvis 631i Data Acquisition Card is very useful for sensing and controlling digital signals of any process. It makes easy and interesting to inter face real world signals with PC through USB bus or through Ether net. It has 32 channel digital isolated inputs and outputs, with high voltage protection of 2500VDC, dry contact support, reliable and rugged enough makes it ideal to be used in industrial, office and home automation. For easy connection screw terminals are provided. Both comes with very versatile software which uses simple USB and Ether net communication protocol so that user can use or design own software according to its need

Product Features

  • 16 isolated digital Inputs
  • 16 isolated digital outputs
  • USB powered in Nvis 631
  • High voltage isolation on all channels (2,500 VDC)
  • High sink current on isolated output channels (100 mA/Channels)
  • Suppor ts 5 ~ 50 VDC isolated input channels
  • Timer/counter capability
  • Screw terminals for easy signal connectivity
  • User can make desired software by using VB6 or
  • Sample code with VB6 and are provide

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