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Electrical Data Acquisition System

Electrical Data Acquisition System
Nvis 7070A

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Product Description

Nvis 7070A offers three AC voltage channels, three AC current channels, two DC voltage channels, two DC current channels, speed and torque measurement through wireless. Additionally, it also provides the measurement of any 3-phase electrical system simultaneously without using individual meters. It is a compact table top unit. In this instrument we have provided a range of indicators and buzzers for AC/DC voltage, AC/DCcurrent, speed and torque parameters. It also has a light indication for running channel. It includes signal processing required to perform Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor measurements.


This product is suitable to measure active, reactive, and apparent energy in various 3-phase configurations. It is Compatible with 3-phase/4-wire systems. All the measured parameters are displayed on the PC software provided with this product

Product Features

  • Singe Phase Parameters Measurement
    • 3 AC Voltage channels
    • 3 AC Current channels
    • Corresponding Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, Frequency, Power factor and Angle
    • 2 DC voltage channels
    • 2 DC current channel
  • Three Phase Parameters Measurement
    • Line to Neutral Voltage
    • Line to Line Voltage
    • Line Current
    • Active Power
    • Reactive Power
    • Apparent Power
    • Frequency
    • Power Factor
  • Curve can be plotted between any two parameters Store curve reading for further study
  • Microcontroller based Accurate & Reliable design Wireless connectivity to PC
  • CT is used as current transducer
  • Fully isolated measurement
  • Product Tutorial (CD)

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