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Digital Temperature Indicator

Digital Temperature Indicator
Nvis 607

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Product Description

Nvis 607 is a simple digital general purpose temperature indicator designed to indicate temperature using a sensor of K-type. The model Nvis 607 is available in rack mountable configuration & having an accuracy of 1°C. Indicator offers a wide, temperature range (0°C to 1200°C), indicates in Celsius. This product can be used in Furnace, Textile Mills, Fertilizer Plants, Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant, Electricity Board, Food Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Hospital, Hotel, Airport, Office, Engineering Industries, Automobiles Industries and several other industries.

Product Features

  • Wide dynamic range from 0°C to 1200°C
  •  3½ digital display of temperature in °C
  •  Sensor used is a K - type Thermocouple
  •  Available sensor with connecting cable
  •  Online product tutorial

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