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Vector Network Analyser 3 GHz Full S-Parameter

Vector Network Analyser 3 GHz Full S-Parameter

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Product Description

The LA19-13-02 is a PC-driven Vector Network Analyser suitable for measuring a wide range of devices from 3MHz to 3GHz with 100Hz resolution. Its full s-parameter test set includes bias-Ts for biasing active devices. It is housed in a small lightweight package making it very portable. The user interface control software provides many useful features including memory functions, limit lines, de-embedding, time-domain and reference plane extension. Also, utilities such as measurement of power at the 1dB gain compression point and AM to PM conversion factor add versatility to the instrument. Unique features include OSL calibration that does not require a precision load and importing of data files into memory traces for live comparison with measurements.

Product Features

  • 3MHz-3GHz range
  • 100Hz resolution
  • 80dB dynamic range
  • Full s-parameter test set
  • De-embedding capability
  • Time domain facility
  • P1dB and AM-PM measurements
  • Light weight
  • Low cost

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