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Rework System (Soldering, Desoldering  & SMD hot air)

Rework System (Soldering, Desoldering & SMD hot air)
Nvis 84

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Product Features

  • Accurate and advanced temperature Control with micro controller technology
  • User-friendly operation
  • Set / Read of temperature
  • Increase and Decrease of keys to set temperature once set the read temperature will display after two seconds by default
  • Temperature control accuracy ± 10C
  • Last set value of temperature is stored in memory
  • Digital calibration will be done through micro controller to avoid analog components tolerances
  • Password protection feature to stop tampering with set temperature by the operators for (Bulk Customers)
  • Burn proof silicon cable with thermal resistance up to 6000C
  • To prevent static electric discharge to the printed circuit board
  • Safety feature the system is provided with safety feature when the unit is switched “OFF” the pump will release maximum air 24L/min
  • Irrespective of the linear position of the air volume control
  • The pump will be on till the element temperature reaches safe temperature of 1000C
  • Which will be flashed on the led display.

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