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Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light
Nvis 450C

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Product Description

Solar energy is a gift to us given by Nature. The energy radiated from the Sun is utilized to generate electricity.
Equipped with Motion Sensor (optional)
Nvis Solar street Pole can be provided with motion Sensor to save energy when light is not required. The lamp will get ON in the evening and will glow for 4 hours after that it will get OFF and motion Sensor will be enabled. If a person comes in the range of motion Sensor it will glow the lamp for 10 minutes (can be customised) as shown in pictures.

Product Features

  • Long life and energy saving LED lamps
  • 100% shock proof
  • Detachable pole
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install and low maintenance

Technical Specification

Model No. Nvis 450C
LED Lamp 12W
Battery 60AH
Solar Panel 75Wp
Charge Controller 10A
Operating Hours 7 to 8 Hrs
Pole 15 Feet

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