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    Automatic & Intelligent Weather Monitoring System

    Nvis 6010

    Product Description

    Nvis Automatic & Intelligent Weather Monitoring System incorporates one of the latest IoT applications in real-time weather monitoring. It provides users to have real-time access of weather data from different locations in areas covered by mobile network.


    Weather information like temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rain fall, UV index and solar radiation is gathered simultaneously from Nvis Weather monitoring system. All the data can be centralized, organized and sent to the observatory through GPRS network. Nvis 6010 provides extensive compatibility of Sensors with built-in GPRS mobile network connectivity. Through cloud management software, the data from weather stations is displayed in the form of dashboard & charts. Since the data transmission is instantaneous, alert is triggered in cloud management software once abnormal weather data is received. The observatory can issue warning signal to the public immediately after poor weather condition is recognized


    Overall Nvis 6010 is a very versatile system, allowing users to examine data that is essential to their operations.

    Product Features

    • High Accuracy & Reliability
    • Communication over GPRS
    • Battery Charging from Solar Panel
    • Real time Data Access on Web
    • Low Maintenance
    • Data Storage Memory
      Technical Specification
      Air Temperature
      Operating Range0°C to100°C
      Relative Humidity
      Operating Range5% to 95%RH
      Solar Radiation sensor
      Range0 to 2000W/m2
      Spectral Response400 to 1100 nm
      Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
      Detection Range15- 115kPa
      Response time5 Sec.
      Air Quality Sensor (PM2.5)
      Detection Range10 – 500 ppm
      Response time5 Sec.
      Wind Speed Sensor
      Speed0 to 20m/S
      Wind Direction SensorNorth, East, West, South, North-East, East-South, North-West, South-West
      RainfallTipping bucket in mm
      UV Index Sensor
      Response wavelength200nm-370nm
      Response time5 seconds
      Power Supply
      BatteryBattery : 12V/40AH
      Solar Panel75W
      Wireless TransmissionGPRS Based
      Cloud Services1 Year