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    Control System Lab

    Nvis 3000A

    Product Description

    Nvis 3000A Control System Lab exposes students & industry professional to study the fundamentals of Control System. Studies include how one device can be used to manage, command, direct, or regulate the behavior of other System Open Loop & Close Loop Control.

    Nvis 3000A has various parts like temperature sensor, light sensor, DC motor, servo Motor, LED lamps, IR sensor, relay SPST, relay DPDT, debounce switch, LED bar, buzzer etc., which can be used for the study of control system. A process can be controlled using P, PI & PID system There are wide range of experiments that can be performed on the control system lab platform.

    Nvis 3000A Control System Lab is also compatible with Nvis 630 Data Acquisition System. Nvis 630 DAQ is very useful for sensing and controlling analog and digital signals of any process. It makes easy and interesting to interface real-world signals with PC/Laptop through USB bus. For ease of connection, it has screw terminals.

    Product Features

    • Open Loop System
    • Close Loop System
    • On board Temperature Sensor and heater
    • Feedback concept
    • P, PI & PID System using software
    • External DC Motor with encoder
    • On board LED lamp and Light Sensor
    • On board Buzzer for Alarm
    • On board Infrared Sensor
    • On board Relay interface
    • On board LED bar display
    • On board Servo Motor
    • DC Motor speed
    • V/F, F/V & V/I conversion
    • Breadboard for circuit design
    Scope of Learning
    • Study & Observe Voltage to Frequency Converter
    • Study & Observe Frequency to Voltage Converter
    • Implement Light Intensity using PWM Method
    • Observe Characteristic of Photoconductive cell (LDR)
    • Observe Motor Speed & Input Characteristics
    • Implement Bidirectional Motor Speed
    • Implement Tachogenerator using F/V converter
    • Implement Motor control using PWM method
    • Implement Open-Loop DC Motor
    • Study & implement Closed-Loop DC Motor
    • Study & implement Open-Loop and Closed-LoopTemperature
    • Study & implement Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Light intensity