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    Determination of Sub-transient reactance of Synchronous Machine Training System

    Nvis 8016

    Product Description

    Determination of Sub-transient reactance of Synchronous Machine Training System is an important product designed to demonstrate the operating principle and functioning of Three Phase Synchronous Generator. This machine lab can change the mechanical energy to electrical energy.

    It helps students to analyze and calculate the significant parameters such as positive, negative and zero sequence impedance, sub transient reactance etc. to correctly construct three phase synchronous generator. It includes separate terminals for rheostat and three point starter on the control set-up so that students can make connections by themselves with adequate protections.

    Product Features

    • BS-10 & BTI – 30 terminals for connections.
    • 1 phase auto transformer 6 Amp – 1no.
    • 3 point starter – 1no.
    • Digital metering: 2ADC, 500VAC, 5AAC, 300VDC, 10ADC-2nos.
    • Hand held tachometer contact type.
    • Rheostat 300 Ohm, 1.7 Amp – 1no.
    • 230/20 Volts – 5 Amp with rectifier and filter.
    • Panel size 2ft (height) x 4 ft (width) x 200mm (depth).
    • Dimmerstat 3 phase – 8 Amp.
    • DC Shunt motor coupled to 3 phase alternator.
    • The motor and alternator are coupled with flexible coupling and fitted on MS channel suitable frame.
    • Motor: 5 HP-220 Volt DC –1500 RPM.
    • Alternator: 3 KVA- 3 Phase, 4 wire. (salient pole)

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