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    Electrical Vehicle Testing & Measurement Workbench

    Nvis 7089EVM

    Product Description

    Transport is a fundamental requirement of modern life, but the traditional combustion engine is quickly becoming outdated. Petrol or diesel vehicles are highly polluting and are being quickly replaced by fully electric vehicles. Fully electric vehicles (EV) have zero tailpipe emissions and are much better for the environment. Electrical Vehicle emerges very quickly nowadays due to such benefits. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in the landscape, this number is only expected to increase further.

    Nvis 7089EVM “Electrical Vehicle Testing & Measurement Workbench” offers an excellent approach to learn complete fundamental aspects of Electrical Vehicle with a new updated technology and measurement devices.
    It provides flexibility for the students to carry out experiments over machines adopt in Electrical Vehicles using a large selection of Industry standard inbuilt components. It enables user to put their theory knowledge into practice with ease. There is an additional facility to make wireless connection on workstation with computer and to monitor real time electrical parameters using computer interfacing software.

    The design of the workbench ensures to get the highest quality practical experience to user. An integrated workbench consisting of instrument panel and working table should suitable for students to learn and perform testing of Electric Vehicle Components. Instruments should internally electrically connect and should be fitted/on Bench in the panel such that only front panel and necessary interfaces are easily accessible to use. Structure of workbench should be made up of approx. 1.5 mm thick MS pipe with top made up of good quality 19 mm thick plywood and covered with 1.8 mm off white color mica.

    Structure and design of Workbench follow the below specifications:

    The basic structure is made of 38mm x 38mm x 1.5 mm Stainless Steel pipes for sturdiness.
    The overall dimensions of Workbench is not less than W = 1200 mm; D = 900 mm; H = 1500 mm.

    MS drawers 03 numbers W = 275 mm; D = 375 mm; H = 100 mm and thickness 1.2mm with handle & separate lock on each Drawer s provided.


    • Built-in drives to operate PMSM, BLDC, PMDC & Induction Motor.
    • Standard BS-10 terminals, patch cords for safety purpose
    • High Quality Digital Tachometer for RPM Measurement which is also interfaced with DAQ (DataAcquisition


    • Motors provided with standard mechanical loading arrangement facility
    • Motors with“aluminium”casted brake-drum/pulley with heat suppression facility
    • Rust free powder coat mechanical structure
    • Machines with class“B”insulation
    • Designed by considering all the safety measures