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    Electrical Workstation

    Nvis 7089N

    Product Description

    Nvis 7089N Electrical Workstation offers an excellent approach to the teaching of Electrical Machines principles by introducing a unique modular designed control unit. It provides flexibility for the students to carry out experiments over AC and DC Machines using a large selection of Industry standard inbuilt components.


    Electrical Machines is one of the most important area of study as it helps users to understand the operational characteristics and working of AC and DC Machines. Nvis 7089N enables user to put their theory knowledge into
    practice with ease. There is an additional facility to make wireless connection on workstation with computer and to monitor real time electrical parameters using computer interfacing software. Users can also observe a real time graph between any of the AC and DC electrical parameters on computer.


    Workstation comprises of separate AC and DC measuring sections equipped with all the necessary instruments such as digital meters, facility to connect AC and DC Supplies along with protection devices such as Fuses, MCB`s,
    Supply Indicators, etc. There are multiple buses provided on the Workstation to make external connections while performing AC and DC Machines Experiments.


    The design of the control unit ensures to get the highest quality practical experience to user. All the necessary protective measures are taken to avoid fault or danger.

    Product Features

    • Rust Free Powder Coating Structure
    • Equipped with Measurement Facilities for Experimentation on AC Machines, DC Machines and Transformers Separate AC and DC Measuring Sections
    • Built-in DC Power Supply (Fixed and Variable) Compatible with DC Shunt Machine.
    • Built in Inductive load (500 mA 3 nos.)
    • Diagrammatic representation of AC and DC Machines for better understanding
    • Standard BS-10 terminals, patch cords for safety purpose
    • High Quality Digital Tachometer for RPM Measurement
    • Machines provided with Heavy Duty Base/Channel with suitable interconnection
    • Machines provided with suitable protections such as MCB`s, Fuses, etc.
    • Motors provided with standard Mechanical Loading Arrangement Facility
    • Motors with “aluminum” casted Brake-Drum/Pulley with heat suppression facility with spring balance
    • Inbuilt Resonance circuit module: Low cost Board demonstrating both Series and Parallel Resonance to determine its Resonance Frequency on the same board with Inbuilt Signal Generator, Voltmeter and Frequency Counter
    • Experiments can be performed with Inbuilt Oscilloscope & Inbuilt Power Supply
    • Inbuilt Hysteresis Loop Tracer module : Display of magnetic field in gauss with Variable magnetic field
    • Provided good quality solenoid coil
    • Inbuilt KCL & KVL Trainer Module :- Built DC power supply and DC Ammeter
    • Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections
    • System should have Simtel (at least single user) Technology based, user friendly and easy navigation, detailed theory, explanation of complex topics with animations and user interactive simulations.
    • Inbuilt High Quality 30 MHz CRO for signal analysis & Measurements