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    Feeder Protection Relay Testing System

    Nvis 8019

    Product Description

    Feeder Protection Relay Testing System is a useful product for Electrical Power System Laboratory. The main purpose of protection relay is to detect and identify faults and interrupts power to the equipment to avoid the entire network to fail or cause more damages to personnel or equipment.

    Nvis 8019 includes inbuilt Microcontroller based Numerical Relay with facilities to select various characteristic curves at different Current Settings. Feeder Protection Relay Testing System is a good platform to enhance education, training, skills & development.

    Product Features

    • Performance & testing of feeder protection system
    • Over current fault protection
    • Earth fault E/Fprotection
    • Under/Over Voltage protection
    • Transmission line 220KV/100km.
    • Operating Voltage: 415V, 3-Phase, 50Hz.
    • Current Rating: 5 Amp, Line simulation through air cored inductor (DCC).
    • Inductors 2nos for each phase (3lines) – 6 nos.
    • Capacitors 2nos for each phase (3lines) – 6 nos.
    • Input Supply: 415 Volt, 3 phase.3 phase variac 8 Amp – 1no.
    • Panel size 2ft (height) x 6 ft (width) x 200mm (depth).
    • MCB and fuse protection provided.
    • BS-10 & BTI – 30 terminals for connections.
    • Metering: Digital 500VAC-3nos, 20AAC-5nos.
    • R-Load bank suitable – 1 no.
    • Protection Relays:
    • 3 phase over current & earth fault relay numerical type.
    • 3 phase under/over voltage relay numerical type.

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