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    Flip-Flop Demonstrator

    Nvis 6555

    Product Description

    The Flip-Flop Demonstrator Nvis 6555 is an elite training system for the digital laboratories. It is useful in understanding the working of digital flip-flops. Nvis 6555 describes S-R, J-K, D and T flipflops.

    The training system is designed in such a way that for performing any experiment, students have to connect the links by patch cords, so it is easy to be familiar with the inputs and outputs of each flip-flop. Attractive input and output sections are provided on trainer in such a manner so that multiple experiments can be performed simultaneously.

    Nvis 6555, Flip-Flop Demonstrator is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

    Product Features

    • Exclusive and compact design
    • Adaptable illustration of Flip-Flops
    • +5V SMPS Adaptor provided with the trainer for power supply
    • Designed, considering all the safety standards
    • Online product tutorial
    • A low cost training system
    Scope of Learning
    • Study of S-R Flip-Flop and to verify its Transition table
    • Study of J-K Flip-Flop and to verify its Transition table
    • Study of D Flip-Flop and to verify its Transition table
    • Study of T Flip-Flop and to verify its Transition table

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