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    Hall Effect Setup

    Nvis 6101

    Product Description

    The Hall Effect Setup Nvis 6101 is a very useful system for the laboratory. It is used for the study of Hall Effect in semiconductors. The Hall Effect is an important observation in material science.

    If an electric current flows through a conductor in a magnetic field, the magnetic field exerts a transverse force on the moving charge carriers, which tends to push them to one side of the conductor, producing a measurable voltage between two sides of the conductor, this voltage is Hall Voltage. Through Nvis Hall Effect Setup we can determine carrier density, the mobility of charge carrier, Hall coefficient, Hall voltage etc. We can study the effect of temperature in semiconductor, relation between magnetic field and Hall voltage.

    Hall Effect Setup consists of the following:

    • Gauss and Tesla Meter Nvis 621 (InAs probe)
    • Measurement Unit Nvis 622
    • Constant current power supply Nvis 623
    • Electromagnet
    • Hall Probe with Oven

    Nvis 6101, Hall Effect Apparatus is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development among our young minds.

    Product Features

    • A complete set for the study of Hall Effect in semiconductor
    • A Hall Effect probe is provided with p type germanium crystal with oven
    • Measurement unit with LCD display and PC interface to measure Hall voltage and probe current
    • Provided with InAs sensor for measuring magnetic field
    • Constant current source provided with LCD display
    • Gauss and Tesla meter for measuring magnetic field with LCD display and PC interface facility
    • Provided with an Electromagnet
    Scope of Learning
    • Measure the magnetic field by Gauss and Tesla meter
    • Find the poles of an electromagnet with the help of Hall probe and gauss meter
    • Measurement of Hall voltage
    • Calculate the charge carrier concentration density of semiconductor crystal
    • Calculate the Hall coefficient of Ge ‘p’ type crystal
    • Calculate the mobility of charge carrier particles
    • Study the Hall voltage as a function of current at constant magnetic field
    • Study the dependence of Hall effect coefficient on temperature
    • Study of Hall voltage as a function of magnetic field at constant current