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    Mini Processor Control Demonstrator

    Nvis 3002

    Product Description

    In this Technological world, instrumentation & control engineering is used in almost every industrial process and generating system, where consistent and reliable operation are required. Mini Process Control Demonstrator Nvis 3002 explains students and professionals the concepts and working of Thermal Process Control which enables them to learn advance and more complex thermal process; and contribute in the growth of instrumentation arena. Instrumentation provided the means of monitoring recording and controlling a process to maintain it at a desired state. It formulates students to accumulate, develop and practice the fundamentals of thermal process control. Mini Process Control Demonstrator

    Nvis 3002 has Temperature Sensor, Level Sensor, Level Indicators, Additionally it has safety measures too such as emergency shutdown and overheat protector. There is a wide range of experiments that can be performed on the Platform. It also has facility of computer interfacing with real-time graphical analysis which helps to perform mathematical calculations required to state stability of process using methods of control system.

    Control system is a broad concept and the following might apply to on automated system such as a Robot or to a process control system such as a temperature controlling of chemical/water in a boiler. This feature increases the scope of doing research and implementing one`s innovative ideas related to thermal process control.

    Product Features

    • Study of Thermal Process Control
    • Temperature Controller
    • Use of Industrial Process Control Elements
    • Process Loop Tuning & Stable Process
    • Real-time PC interface with ADC & Digital input/output
    • Process Control by ON/OFF Controller
    • Process Control by P, PI & PID with Auto Tuning
    • Point to point Water Level Sensor
    • Process Control Loops
    Scope of Learning
    • Study of Thermal Process Control
    • Study and use of Process Control Platform using Software
    • Study and use of RTD characteristics
    • Study and use of Open loop for Temperature.
    • Study and use of Temperature on/off action using Software
    • Study of P, PI and PID control action using the Software for Temperature
    • Study of Industrial PID Controller as on/off Controller
    • Study of Industrial PID Controller as P, PI and PID Controller
    • Study of auto tuning mode of Industrial PID Controller