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    Modular Embedded Development Platform

    Nvis 5004B

    Product Description

    Nvis Technologies Modular Embedded Development Platform Nvis 5004B serves as a 32 bit development platform and provide means for code development. This Development Platform based on ARM7TDMI Microcontroller (LPC2148) with 512KB on chip memory This platform is designed to explore ARM architecture and supporting peripherals, an ideal platform for extensive Embedded product development.

    The Nvis 5004B provides USB connection that can be used to download firmware, allows users to evaluate, prototype and create application specific designs.

    Product Features
    • ARM7 Controller based on LPC2148
    • On board USB programmer
    • USB 2.0 Full-speed compliant device controller with 2 kB of endpoint RAM
    • Lear ning of USB Protocol like HID, CDC and MSD
    • Master Reset/Restart Key for hardware reset
    • RTOS supported (RTX, μC/OS-II )
    • On board USB (UART0) and UART1 Inter face
    • On board Temperature Sensor
    • On board 16X2 LCD Display
    • On board 10-bit DAC provides variable analog output
    • On board PWM and Interrupt
    • On board facility to connect JT AG Programming and debugging
    • All GPIO’s are provided on 6 connectors (10X2)
    • Wireless module adapter for optional – 2.4GHz ZigBee (Xbee) / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Motor driver circuit for DC and Stepper Motor
    • I2C and SPI Inter face connector
    • On board 8 LED
    • On board 4X4 Hex keypad interface
    • Inbuilt Real Time Clock with Battery holder
    • On board switch
    • 128 byte of I2C external EEPROM
    • RS485 Interface connector
    • Expansion connectors for plug in modules and prototyping area
    • Controller module is detachable, user can use other controller as well
    Scope of Learning
    • Study of ARM7(LPC2148) Microcontroller architecture
    • Pin to pin study of MCU
    • Study and Interface serial protocol(I2C, SPI, UART)
    • Study and Interface internal PWM, Timer, Interrupt
    • Study and Interface LED and Temperature sensor