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    Nvisduino based ZigBee Development Platform

    Nvis 35D

    Product Description

    Nvis 35D Nvisduino based ZigBee Development Platform is a full featured development platform for ATmega328P microcontroller. This platform is a convenient way to teach the principles of the Arduino, Xbee & the family of AVR microcontrollers through programming and interfacing on the ATmega328P device.

    The Nvisduino is intended for wireless applications. The user can upload codes with an USB cable, or by using a modified USB-to-XBee adaptor such as Nvisduino Tx (base) the user can upload program through wireless using Xbee S1. It is an ideal platform to implement and test the designs both for the beginners and the experts. Using this platform a range of projects in various domains like wireless communication, robotics, consumer electronics, etc can be done.

    Nvis 35D, Nvisduino based ZigBee Development Platform is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

    Product Features
    • ATmega328P MCU clocked at 8MHz
    • USB boot loader to program ATmega328P device
    • Wireless programming via Xbee module (Series 1 only)
    • On board ISP connector for PC based programming
    • Every pin is marked in order to make work easier
    • Master Reset/Restart Key for hardware reset
    • Supply from USB/External Supply/ battery
    • LED indication for various operation
    • Rich Online Learning material
    Scope of Learning
    • Learn the concept of Arduino IDE
    • Learn the concept of Wireless Zigbee communication
    • Learn to interface Xbee module
    • Learn to interface AVR series microcontroller
    • Learn to develop wireless applications
    • Learn to design Wireless Sensor network