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    Optics Bench

    Nvis 6006

    Product Description

    Nvis Optics Bench is a versatile system designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to physics and science laboratories. It clarifies all the basic concepts of light. Setup includes an optics bench Concave, convex lenses and mirrors of different focal length. This Optics Bench provides the basic knowledge about properties of light such as Refraction, Reflection, Dispersion and Total internal reflection. Experiments such as determination of focal length of concave, convex lenses and mirrors can also be performed.

    Nvis 6006, Optics Bench is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

    Product Features

    • Ideal System for performing many Experiments
    • A comprehensive and self contained optics system
    • A complete system with a light source, Bench and all other accessories
    • Fixed and Sliding stands provided
    • Accessories are provided in a good quality carrying case
    • Online product tutorial
    Scope of Learning
    • Study of the image formation of source
    • Introduction of ray optics by ray tracing
    • Verification of reflection of light
    • To determine refractive index of semi-circle (D-shape) lens by Snell’s law
    • Verification of reversibility of light
    • To determine critical angle and obtain total internal reflection
    • Study dispersion of light
    • Study of convergent and divergent lens by image and object relationships
    • Measure focal length of convex lens using basic lens equation
    • Measure magnification of image of Convex lens
    • To determine Focal length of Concave mirror by two Pin method
    • To determine Focal length of Convex lens by two Pin method