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    Percentage biased Differential Relay Testing System

    Nvis 8015

    Product Description

    Percentage biased Differential Relay Testing System is a very significant product for Power System lab for electrical students. Under normal conditions, or for a fault outside of the protected zone, current i1 is equal to current i2. Therefore the currents in the current transformers secondary are also equal, i.e. i1=i2 and no current flows through the current relay. If a fault develops inside of the protected zone, currents i1 and i2 are no longer equal, therefore i1 and i2 are not equal and there is a current flowing through the current relay.

    ‘Nvis 8015 is designed in such a way that-students can explore about different sections of Differential Relay and can operate it to learn its functioning. It also includes built-in variable supply and fast response measuring instruments which makes the measurement system very precise.

    Product Features

    • Differential relay consists of operating coil and restraining coil in relay.
    • The differential relay is adjustable 15%, 30% and 45%.
    • Panel size 2ft (height) x 4 ft (width) x 200mm (depth).
    • MCB and fuse protection provided.
    • BS-10 & BTI – 30 terminals for connections.
    • 3 Phase auto transformer 8 Amps – 1no.
    • 3 ph transformer 400/200 Volts Star/ Star – 3KVA.
    • 10/5 Amp standard CT — 3nos.
    • 5/5 Amp standard CT — 3nos.
    • 30 VDC, 5Amp Power Supply for relay aux. – 1no.
    • Metering: 2AAC-1no, 5AAC – 3nos, 10AAC-3nos, 500VAC-2nos.
    • Load Bank, balanced load & unbalanced.
    • 4 pole contactor 16 Amp with push to ON and push to OFF buttons