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    Nvis 3302ARM

    Product Description

    Nvis present ARM Based Robocar. Nvis Robocar is a ready assembled unit consisting of strong chassis, coupler and three Omni wheels with 120 degree direction mounted on it. The machine is driven by DC motors which are powered by rechargeable batteries. This Nvis ARM (LPC2148) processor /Atmega128 Microcontroller Arduino based RoboCar, with 16×2 LCD display controlling and debugging of it. Robocar is designed for users to start developing smart robot which is capable of controlling with Android app software with help of Wifi Module.

    Product Features
    • ARM7 Controller based on NXP LPC2148
    • Controller module is detachable
    • Three Omni wheels for movement in any direction
    • 16 x 2 characters LCD interface
    • Master reset/restart key for hardware reset
    • Three DC motor interface & control
    • Switch Interface
    • Expansion connectors for analog sensors
    • Expansion connectors for PWM output for servo motor
    • On board extra GPIOs
    • On board battery charger
    • On board separate +3.3VDC and +5VDC
    • On board programming
    • Every pin is marked in order to make work easier
    • On board socket for wireless module ZigBee / Bluetooth /
    • WiFi (optional)

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