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    Smoke Fume Absorber

    Nvis 85

    Product Description

    Soldering requires the use of a flux. This flux is primarily composed of rosin-resin mixed with a small amount of pine resin activator (a halogen organic agent). At soldering temperatures, abietic acids denature to neo-abletic acid. This process generates noxious components which are released in the evaporating smoke. Inhalation of such noxious components can result in headaches, nausea, eye irritation and other health and safety related problems.

    The Nvis 85 Smoke Fume Absorber consists of a high performance fan and active carbon filter that are highly effective in absorbing noxious flux and lead fumes

    Product Features
    • Easy to set up & easy to replace the filter.
    • Ideal to use with soldering stations.
    • Provided with activated carbon filter.
    • The filter is made of foam and activated carbon for better results.
    • Ideal for absorbing toxins.
    • Powerful fan to extract/absorb fumes.
    • Fan has adjustable arm, flexible table clamp and absorbing angle.

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