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    Stepper Motor Control Set

    Nvis 2458R

    Product Description

    2 phase stepper motor with stand and disk

    Product Features

    • Number of phases = 2
    • Step angle = 1.8 deg
    • Holding torque = 0.1Nm
    • Stepper control circuit board
    • Consists of the following minimum components/accessories
    • Pulse speed range = 20Hz to 1040Hz (approx.)
    • Non-volatile memory to store settings and rotor position
    • 4x toggle switches to activate A+, A-, B+, B- of the stepper motor
    • 1x Selector switch (0-8 ) to select the step sequence number of coil activation
    • 1x Potentiometer to change the rotational speed of the stepper motor
    • 1x Selector (0-9) switch to select the mode of the controller
    • 1x Toggle switch to changedirection rotation of stepper from clockwise (CW) to counter clockwise (CCW)
    • 1x Momentary push button to start a demo mode of the control kit
    • LED lights for A+, A-, B+, B- respectively. LED lights up when the respective phase is activated when the motor rotates.
    • 1x Eight segment numeric display / 16X2 LCD Display / or better for STEP No display 1x LED to indicate input DC power supply
    • 1x LED (TIM) to indicate beginning stepper phase i.e. when A+ and B+ is turned ON
    • 1x LED (Busy) to indicate motor rotation in progress
    • The control unit has these selectable mode (unless stated, the stepper is at full step mode, 1.8 step angle)

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