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    Under Voltage & Over Voltage Relay Testing System

    Nvis 7093

    Product Description

    Nvis 7093 Under Voltage & Over Voltage Relay Training System is intended for advanced practical training in protective devices regarding transmission lines, cables and network sections in power systems lab. A Relay is an electrically operated switch use an electromagnet to operate a switching mechanism mechanically.Relays protect the power distribution equipment against continuing voltage sags that are detrimental to motors, ballasts, etc.

    Nvis 7093 provides theoretical and practical experience to students by controlling, monitoring and analyzing individual relay settings and tripping characteristics. This product provides detailed representation of power transmission system which helps the students to perform experiments with minimal supervision. It also includes built-in variable supply and fast response graphical LCD display which makes the measurement system very precise.

    Nvis 7093, Under Voltage & Over Voltage Relay Testing System is an ideal platform to enhance education, training, skills & development amongs our young minds.

    Product Features

    •  Alphanumeric 16 x 2 Big Font LCD for better visibility
    •  Electromechanical relay to understand internal mechanism and its working
    •  Inbuilt Single Phase Variac with isolation
    •  Tripping function settings
    •  Exclusive and attractive design
    •  Diagrammatic representation of relay connection in transmission line
    •  Designed by considering all the safety standards
    •  Learning material CD
    Scope of Learning
    • To study the operating performance of Over Voltage Relay with different plug settings
    • To study the operating performance of Under Voltage Relay with different plug settings

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