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GSM Remote Control

GSM Remote Control
Nvis 650

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Product Description

Nvis 650 GSM Remote Control is used to switch ON/OFF any appliance/motor from a mobile phone through SMS using Android app. The System can be password protected so that any accidental operation can be avoided.


Application Area


  • Irrigation System
  • Industrial Automation
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Home Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Alert System
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Water well pumps
  • Pumping stations
  • Access control of gates and garage doors

Product Features

  • Remotely operated
  • SMS Control to Start / Stop and get current status through message alert
  • Very easy to install and to operate
  • 5 Users can be registered to Nvis 650
  • Password protection
  • Mains status alert through SMS
  • Pump ON/OFF LED indication
  • Delete and updation of user registration
  • Automatically sends SMS when input activated.
  • It can be operated in GSM / Manual mode
  • Also suitable for Single phase / Three phase pumps
  • Quad-band GSM for worldwide use

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