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Air Purifier

Air Purifier
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Air purifier is a purifier which works by enhancing the blood flow in the brain, thereby bringing about a total rejuvenation of the Nervous System. Our Vehicles, Offices, Homes, Movie Theaters are full of positive ions due to usage of products like computers, TVs and other electrical devices. These positive ions especially in an enclosure make us feel tired, depressed and irritable. Air purifier from Nvis provide a refreshing solution by generating negative ions and neutralises the positive ones to keep your surroundings clean and fresh. They remove smoke, germs and harmful fumes.

Product Features

  • Produces active oxygen that Kills Bacteria and germs
  • Reduces radiation
  • Improves pulmonary function
  • Prevents diseases prevalent due to use of air conditioner
  • Ozone disinfection

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